a slovenly classic I,II & III (2017)
CNC cut mdf, chroma key paint, scaffolding, stainless steel, straps

[install shot @ Allen Road Sculpture Park. images © Corey Bartle-Sanderson / GRAFT]

ident (2017)
HD video, 15 seconds

[screened as part of NAWKI 2017. image © focal point gallery / 12o collective]

link to video

gloopiness is slippery but not like an ocean (2017)
filmed footage, ripped youtube videos, stock sound effects, recorded audio, pirated film clip. HD video, 9 min

[install shot @ arnolfini, bristol as part of 2017 summer residency]

link to video

momentary flat world bulging outward (2017)
self-published text, CNC routed hardwoods, steel, straps, rope

[install shot @ two queens, leicester]

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a glacier is a set of points, like gloop or a rumble of apples (2017)
laser cut birch plywood, roofing bolts, digital print

[install shot @ CBS gallery, liverpool]

everything to its proper place. quick with the kerosene! who's got a match! (2017)
mdf, plaster, steel, mahogany, cold cast resin, timber, plywood, velvet, cardboard, clay, nylon, vinyl, paint, various objects

[install shot @ CBS gallery, liverpool]

peel a soft edged slice of time (2016)
HD video, 11 mins


untitled (gloopy leaves), 2015
HD video, 6 mins